Cinda Jo Bauman: Children's Book Writer & Illustrator, Cut-Paper Artist, and More!

Hello! A few things have happened since my last post. The two most exciting things have to do with the title of this post: The End. 

First, came The End of my working career. I’ve been blessed with working fulltime, long-term jobs since I was 16-years-old.  On June 30th this year, I RETIRED! It’s been amazing these past few months working on projects whenever I wanted to and when I actually felt creative – napping when I didn’t feel creative. Let’s be honest, naps are great! 

Secondly, after three retirement checks, I finally realized that my retirement was permanent, real, and wonderful!  The time had come to wake up and spend more time focusing on the next book in my Hope and Horses series. So, I prayed and forced myself to finish the first draft of my second book. At the bottom of the manuscript, I typed: The End. It’s at least fifty re-writes from being finished, but those two words gave me great SATISFACTION! 

Other news: 

Only My Horses Know has two promotions going on.  

The ebook version is free on Amazon for a limited time. Here is the link if you or someone you know would like to download my book:

Also, since readers have told us they wished this book could be available in schools, because the theme is mental health, and it addresses the stigma that comes with mental illness, Editor-911 Books now offers a sponsorship program that hopes to help that happen. For more information, please click here: 

I’ve sold out of the first two boxes of author copies, and just received more. Please give me a shout if you want to order a signed copy. 

So many of you have supported me by purchasing my book and sharing my posts on your social media, thank you VERY much! 

Have a blessed day! 


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