Cinda Jo Bauman: Children's Book Writer & Illustrator, Cut-Paper Artist, and More!




My name is Cinda Bauman and I live in Mahomet, Illinois with my husband, teenage daughter, and best friends – Lucy and Harley (lhasa-poo and shih-tsu.)  We are about 2- 1/2 hours south of Chicago.

During my high school years, I took every Art class offered along with every Child Development class.  After a class where I spent part of the day at a daycare, Child Development won out over Art.   Years of story time led to a love of children’s picture-books, which made me wish I had stuck with Art!  That all seems SO LONG AGO. (because it really was)

Flash forward: I still love children’s picture-books!  People look at me funny in the children’s section of the library with no child in tote, and I don’t care!   After researching and much study; learning about writing and illustrating children’s books, I joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and FOUND MY PASSION!   Now, I love to write children’s books and illustrate them with cut paper sculptures.  I also paint in oil and acrylic, and I am currently writing my second middle-grade novel.  My biggest dream is to become a published children’s book author/illustrator!  Oh, and I love iris flowers and the color purple!

Update: Since I wrote this, my teenage daughter has graduated from college, moved away (but not too far, thank God), and turned into a wonderful young woman. Sadly, our dogs, Lucy and Harley, have both passed away after long lives and lots of loving. We will miss them forever.

Oh, and my first book, Only My Horses Know, will be out mid-December to early January!!

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