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Submission Land!

Well I’m back in writer/submission land, and it feels pretty good.

Some people are able to create at a steady pace.  Me, I work in spurts. Because of this, I really battle with negative thoughts.  You know them, right? “I’m not a real (writer, artist…fill in the blank).  I’ll never get published, because I don’t work hard enough.  Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa.

But then I remembered the published writers and successful artists I’ve read about over the years who work in spurts-like me!  I realized everyone has a different momentum to their muse. Just because some people thrive on the constant call of creativity doesn’t mean that others, like me, who get a little distracted with family and day jobs, can’t also become successful–in our own time.

This month I have been revising a novel; I love revision but this one is a challenge, and I refuse to let it kick my butt.  I finished a picture book that I LOVE, and I pray someone in the industry will too!  I’m stirring up some ideas for cut-paper pieces that could be marketed for children’s room decorations.  And, yep, I still have that HUGE canvas waiting for paint. Most importantly, after a long lull, I’m submitting my writing again. Stay tuned, wish me luck, and NEVER GIVE UP!