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When I created this website, I had no intention of blogging.  But I have really been wanting to share an experience I had this past fall, so here goes.

Through browsing artist’s websites, I heard about an artist named Flora Bowley.  I checked out her website.  WOW, talk about bright, beautiful, free feeling paintings.  After I saw she offered an online ecourse, and then read all of the reviews from people saying their life had changed after taking her class, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I’ve always wanted to take painting lessons.  I tried once, but being so self-conscious around other artists just left me frozen.  By the time I relaxed enough to paint, the class was over.  Seriously!  This class would last 5 weeks, offered online video tutorials five days a week I could do at my own pace with no one watching, and a Facebook community for the others in the class.  I tried and tried to talk myself out of it, because I shouldn’t have been thinking of spending money on something I probably wouldn’t finish.  But, every time I read the comments from people who had taken the class I was more hooked.  Finally, I just did it!  I signed up.

If you watch any of the videos on her website, you will see the gentle, encouraging person that was my teacher.  Her love and enthusiasm for art and life is shown the first time you watch her and keeps growing to the very end.  I didn’t just learn about painting and how to have fun with it again, I learned about myself .  One of the best parts is I have met a whole group of online friends who everyday take a second to encourage each other and share their beautiful creations.

Flora suggested we  journal during the class.  I found my journal today and decided to share what I wrote:

October 4, 2012   Today, I’m starting to feel the changes this class brings.  There have been tiny changes along the way, mostly just noticing attitudes I want to change.  But today I’m feeling something different, maybe something like “acceptance.”  I’ve always known how important it is, and that it was something I lacked.  But, you can’t just wake up one day and say, “I accept who I am.”  Flora’s daily words and exercises have let this come about naturally.  As for the painting part of the class, I am still learning, and most of my paintings are still in “the awkward teenage stage” that Flora tells us is exactly where they are supposed to be.  So, even though after I added another layer of paint last night, and my painting hasn’t seemed to evolve much from the last six layers….I can look at it and say, “It’s okay, we’ll see how it looks after the next layer.”  And, I actually look forward to the next layer. 
So, while looking at my art and saying, “I accept that,” I am also looking at myself and saying, “I accept that.”  Who I am is pretty darn cool, and knowing that I am getting braver, and truer, and loving life more each day is pretty much priceless compared to the cost of this class.

That pretty much sums up the class.  I’ll post the three paintings I have finished from the class, and I’m happy to say I just started two more and can’t wait for time to work on them again!  Oh, and here’s the link to Flora’s class in case you are interested.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Comments on: "My First Ecourse With Flora Bowley" (10)

  1. Gorgeous play! I too took Flora’s first class and it has changed my life. I was thinking how detailed your work is and then I went to check out your paper cutting! Oh, so wonderful. Such meticulous creations. Just recently I have started ‘intuitively’ cutting some of my old painted scrap paper I have laying around. Whenever I start a new “Brave” canvas, I use the leftover paint on inexpensive watercolor paper and make mini mark filled canvases. After a year of painting I have many of them, and I just started cutting out shapes for my canvases. Your work is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you so much for your sweet words. I keep thinking I am going to start doing just that with my paper! I have seen some beautiful cut paper art using hand painted papers. Thanks for the reminder! I’m glad you also had a great experience with Flora’s class. 🙂 Cinda


  2. Absolutely gorgeous!


  3. Lynda Secor said:

    I too am taking Flora’s online course. I have always had a hard time getting started on a painting, I could look at that blank canvas for days. It’s so freeing to just start painting and see what shines through. The only problem I have is turning off the realism side of my brain and just not think too much about what I’m doing. I do graphite sketches of pets which are precise and its hard to switch gears. But I’m loving the course. Your paintings turned out great


  4. I love them all, but I think the bird is my very favorite. I wonder if you have a favorite?


  5. Pamela said:

    I’m so glad I found this blog tonight! I was looking through an old phone of mine and found Flora’s website that I must have saved one night a long time ago. I started checking out the site and totally fell in LOVE! Your paintings are amazingly beautiful and I am totally going to take an online class of hers. I already ordered her book a few days ago. I love to paint self portraits but would love to learn her way of painting. I’m so excited!!!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂


    • Hi Pamela, Thank you so much! I’m sure you will love Flora’s online class. Many of the people who were in my class have taken it again they loved it so much. I hope to retake it someday too. A couple of my classmates are even taking her Bali workshop right now! I will just have to dream about that. 🙂 Enjoy, and pop back to let me know how you liked it afterwards! 🙂


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