Cinda Jo Bauman: Children's Book Writer & Illustrator, Cut-Paper Artist, and More!

I can’t believe it, March is almost over! It’s time to dig those picture book manuscripts out, dust them off and send them out to a new batch of publishers. After all, no one will publish them if they are sitting on my desk, now will they?  I’m afraid I lost my submission momentum when the publishers got so busy they decided not to reply to manuscripts unless they were interested.  I understand, really I do, but it sure leaves us writers feeling a little lost.  I need that closure of a rejection, even if it is just a form letter. (Of course, a CONTRACT would be MUCH, MUCH better!)  It’s like my signal that it’s okay to move on to the next great publisher on my list.

I’m working on something with those feathers I posted, too.  Hopefully, I’ll post a picture soon.  Enjoy this beautiful weather. 🙂

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