Cinda Jo Bauman: Children's Book Writer & Illustrator, Cut-Paper Artist, and More!

Merry belated Christmas!

Comments on: "These three little piggies are a work in progress. Hopefully, I’ll have them finished by next Christmas. Just kidding, keep watching they will be finished soon. ;)" (3)

  1. Lynda said:

    CJ, I think that your work is absolutely amazing!!!! So glad you gave me the info. to get into your website….I will be checking it often…..Lynda xo


    • Great to be back in touch with you, Lynda! Thank you so much!


    • Hi Lynda and Thank you! I think I thanked you in an email when you told me you posted but just realized I never responded to this. I’m having a ball with the Liberate Your Art Postcard swap, you should join it next year. Very fun! Hope you are well. Take care, cj


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