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Rave-iest Reviews (That’s not a word, Cinda!)

Re-reading reviews of Only My Horses Know has surely boosted my confidence and jump-started my writing mojo! Some of these didn’t make it to the book sale page, so please bear with me as I share. 🙂 Then, if you will please keep scrolling, you’ll find the new promo video where I am talking to readers between the ages of 10-12 about Only My Horses Know.

Some weeks, for one reason or another, just aren’t the best. I’ve had a few of those lately. I try everyday to think of three or more things that I am grateful for. It really helps! Today, spring flowers were on the top of my list.

May be an image of nature and tree

Here are my rave-iest reviews:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book Only My Horses Know. I immediately bought copies for two tween-agers in my life and I’m sure they will identify with the main character, Kylie, a girl who lives on a Montana horse farm and experiences problems similar to those in their own lives.  The book describes changes in Kylie’s life when a family member developed some serious emotional problems, causing disruptions in both family and friend relationships.  Kylie learns that she must seek help beyond telling her horse.

“Middle-level teachers and parents will want to share Only My Horses Know with their students. The characters resonate with realism and a sound understanding of problems of middle childhood. As a long-time professor of child development, I am pleased to see a book that encourages students to trust their own intuition, but to reach out persistently to the adults in their lives, including teachers and counselors, when they need help. Also, I am equally impressed with Cinda Jo Bauman’s handling of the sensitive issue of mental illness and its effects on families. In short, embedded in this engaging story is a model for problem solving and relationship-building that is much needed in the experiences of early adolescents.” Darlene Haffner Hoffman, Emeritus Professor, Millikin University

“Just WOW !!!!! I TOTALLY LOVED IT. It started slow but picked up. I love it even for my age group. You, my friend , are one talented Lady ! I loved how God was there but not shoved down your throat. I loved how it dealt with bipolar disorder….again not bogging you down but getting across that people with mental challenges are all around us…they are us. I loved it and hope you sell millions.” Lisa Mohr

“I think nearly everyone has had a ‘Kylie’ dilemma in their life. We grapple with how to handle the pain a loved one is causing; we dread the embarrassment and the stigma associated with their problems. We worry about losing friends if someone finds out what’s going on. We struggle with it all. And worst of all, will our parents understand the anxieties they are passing on and the fear that wells up inside us? What if I say something and my parents don’t forgive me? That’s the biggest question and the highest hurdle.

“But this book helps you realize that your only real choice is to share all this with others, including your parents. It helps you understand that in these circumstances silence is certainly not golden and it can be devastating. Reading this book helps you embrace the notion that honest discussions can lead to solutions and a better life.

“You may regret that you didn’t have this type of guidance when you were growing up, but you’ll rush to send it to any child who seems embattled in life. As will I.

“I do admit that the book is a little slow to start, possibly because I’m no teenager. But, in truth, I believe a child who is going through similar problems will stick with It to find their solution.” Sparky

“A wonderful book to entertain young readers. The focus on mental illness mixed with a passion for horses was an engaging combination. Some great life lessons for young readers that life isn’t always perfect, but you can turn things around to make a difference if you rely on friends, family and God.” Brenda Ripley

If you know any tween age readers, please share this video with them. Thanks so much!

Have a super blessed day!

Conflicting Emotions

I’m not one to write a reflecting back on the year type of post. But, I have never before experienced a year filled with so many conflicting emotions. Maybe you’ve felt the same? Some of mine have been terror but peace, heartache but happiness, guilt but appreciation, fear of what the future will bring, but hope for a miraculous future.

I know God wants me to feel thankful, not guilty. I’m working on that. But it’s hard not to feel guilty for having a job I enjoy and great health, when there’s a pandemic taking other’s jobs and lives by the minute. Then today, I practically jumped up and down (my old, arthritic knees kept me from really doing that, but inside, I was JUMPING) when I opened the mailbox and saw the review copy of my book inside; while just last night, I couldn’t sleep because I worried about all the people who must be wondering how in the world they will pay rent, buy food, and everything else, when their unemployment runs out. I imagine I’m not the only one struggling with conflicting emotions.

I’m very thankful for my faith in God. And although I don’t understand why so many people have suffered this year – mentally from loss of loved ones, physically from illnesses, or financially from the pandemic; I do believe that someday I will sit beside God and get the answers to my questions, and then I’ll understand. I also believe that the answers will be deeper than I ever could have understood while here on earth. Until then I will pray with my whole heart for all who are hurting. I’ll pray for peace and healing for you and for the people you love.

Has this year made you feel helpless, too? Helpless and conflicted, boy am I a mess! I’ve decided the best thing I can do is to count my blessings every second, but also watch for ways where I can somehow brighten other’s days. I’m sure it will be in small ways for now, but who knows what God has planned for me to be able to help others.

May God bless you always.