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Good morning!

Yep, it’s still winter.  Yuck.  At least below zero wind chills and blowing snow gives me an excuse to still be in my pj’s at close to noon.  It also gives me time to think about the children’s stories I have tucked away – not feeling brave enough to drag them out, dust them off, and send them out on another round of submissions to publishers.

Last night, I participated in a webinar called, “”Writing Cover Letters and Pitches that Agents and Editors Want to Read” presented by Mira Reisberg with the Children’s Book Academy.  I’m glad I signed up, but most of her information seemed geared toward people very new to children’s writing.  I’m certainly no expert, still super unpublished, but I have done my share of research on cover and query letters.  The part I need serious help with is writing a 30-50 word pitch!  THAT is torture for me.  So, I enjoyed listening to her take on the pitches that were sent to her ahead of time.  Sadly, she didn’t have time to get to my pitch, so I’ve decided to post it here and ask for comments.  (Snow days must make me brave!)  What do you think of this pitch for a 450 word picture-book manuscript titled Fancy Firefly? (You can also see the characters in my Gallery 1 cut paper art)

Fancy Firefly wants to make friends, but she has no idea she is scaring them off with her blinkity-blinking fanny.  She encounters a barkity-barking dog, a rowdy raccoon, and fat frog before discovering that what she seeks is right where her journey began. The story is suitable for ages 3-7.

Comments on: "Picture Book Pitches" (4)

  1. Gosh, I think your pitch is really good. The only thing that really stood out to me was the barkity dog–since the others didn’t have a word like that, and Fanny did and so did the dog–does that make sense? BTW, dust off those manuscripts and send them out! Have you thought about Guardian Angel Publishing for your middle-grade novel?


    • Thanks for looking Margo! Yes, I could make them all match. Good idea 🙂

      Yes, I’ve thought about them. I need to get busy again. 🙂

      Loved your Christmas photo! Take care, Cinda


  2. I love your pitch and want to read more about Fancy Firefly. Fantastic paper art, would love to learn how to make those. Thanks for sharing your future published work, I love it! 🙂


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